October 24, 2010

recycled feelings

Nothing but a bunch of recycled feelings. That's all I have. Isn't that what we all have in the end? Used materials, better known as waste converted into new products to reduce the "potential" waste of useful materials. So in this case I believe my love for you is the used one, better yet the waste, because that's how it ended and I am the wonderful recycling machine trying to convert this feeling for you into a brand new clean love to share with someone else. I wonder if the next one will ever find out the love he now has is recycled and not brand new. Will this change his idea of me? Or maybe he's all into the "be green, recycle your feelings" trend.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reduce your feelings, use just the proper amount, don't let it go to waste. Reuse whenever possible, go back with you ex and use your love once again at least for a while. Recycle when love is wasted and in the trash, pick it up, recycle and get it shiny and ready to use with someone new.

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