February 26, 2014

the soul sisters

So we ran to our cars in the middle of the rain, 
with winds so powerful you'd think we'd fly away,
laughing as we shriekied in cold,
these things wouldn't happen to another bunch.

Haven't got  a clue of what got us together,
but I know for sure now there's no getting out,
they know every story,
my soul sisters, my confidants, 
the ones that stick with me through ups and downs.

February 22, 2014

the modern warrior

And you never knew how to separate,
kept the weight of the world on your shoulders,
and it did no good to you or to them,
but you thought it was right,
and nobody thanked you at the end of the night,
no one patted your back to tell you it was fine,
but you kept on going,
a warrior of the modern times,
you didn't just worry,
you made plans.

February 7, 2014

the dreamer

She had more dreams than realities,
loved to make them up,
she kept her eyes closed,
and she dreamt often and fast and wild,
all she could, all at once.


Saturday afternoon,
after long days of missing each other,
the lovers reunited, 
let this day be marked in their personal history,
as the day they stopped missing each other,
the day they found each other in new ways.

the boat

The boat wrecked,
we are left in open waters,
it's every man for himself,
I can't save you,
it starts sinking in,
I can't save myself either.

The immensity drowns our thoughts,
once the mind is quiet,
we'll stay afloat,
and I wish someone had told me before,
that this is how it all goes.

the one who was found

Finally I'm back to myself,
but then again, I was never truly lost,
the world was never notified,
I was perfectly put.

It seemed that way,
I was good at pretending.