September 29, 2014

they really don't

Feelings never matter when they're one sided, it's as if they didn't exist, as if we needed someone else's validation to make them real. It's quite unfair, if I don't share my feelings, if no one agrees with them, they cancel out, and I'm left with nothing. If I'm left without my own feelings, because they are indeed, my own, then what could I possibly have?

the amazed one

Rarely you come across people  who are amazed of the world and the way everything works. I was amazed by him, by his undying curiosity, so I sat down and just listened to the way he made up the world.

mean what you say

The problem with always meaning what you say is thinking everyone does the same. But be aware some just talk to get out of situations, some just plainly lie.

the day I stayed in

It was the kind of day where I just wanted to storm out and yell at the world, not that the world did anything wrong, it never does, it was all on me and I knew so I stayed in, fighting the monsters.

September 26, 2014

the september rain

This time the rain wasn't sad, it was hopeful, clearing the paths, making skies bluer, leaving freshness in its way. Powerful and emotional but not in a bad way.


Found her,
the adventurer,
thought she was gone for good,
but she's here,
she comes out when people are inviting,
and the city's exciting.

She's was never gone,
she lives within me.

September 21, 2014

harsh words

Sorry if my words sound harsh,
they don't seem that way until they've left my lips,
I hope you understand,
that I'm not cold or uncaring,
it's just a default mechanism.

September 9, 2014

the connection

In that precise moment, even thousands of miles away,  we were aware of how lucky we were that technology reached this moment in history so we could be as we were, connected.

the foreigner

Do you ever undust the memories stuck in the back of your mind and realize you're not in the picture anymore? A foreigner in my own memories.

September 7, 2014

no rhythm or rhyme

And sometimes I just wrote without it making any sense, without it having rhythm or rhyme because there's no other place to rant. And I don't think talking to someone would help since one sided conversations help you untangle your thoughts and that's all I need, no comebacks, no advice, just to lay them on the table.