February 16, 2016

my true valentine

It's not pink and gold and roses. 
But it's oh so real, so flawed, so mine, so us. 
I love him.
And I love us.

February 12, 2016

face the monsters

So incredibly scared and at the same time it's all I think about now, that's why I shouldn't have started it all. But I read somewhere that you should do whatever scares you the most, that you should face your monsters, that's the only way to push them away. So here I am, beginning to push them away once more. 

the hours

The hours go by so fast,
you'd think I was having fun.
What I truly am is confused,
it makes you spin and spin,
you travel miles and stay still.


She wanted to be celebrated for something that was just common sense, I don't know why but it filled me with anger. Still she didn't realize she's been wrong all along. How can we be so blinded to think the shell is what matters most? Beautiful shells can be empty and fragile too.