October 11, 2013

on fire

He set my soul on fire,
and I didn't want it to stop,
just let it consume all I've got.

who you were

He saw the light turn off,
what he once knew wasn't there anymore,
and it's funny how a memory,
or a ghost keeps hunting you down.

And there are times you don't want to talk,
not because you haven't moved on,
but because you remember who you were,
and you're not proud,
and you're not her anymore.

October 6, 2013

i wanted to kiss you

I wanted to kiss you, 
that night in the rain,
walking to the car,
trying to share the tiniest umbrella.

I wanted to kiss you back then,
when I had no license to do so,
when it didn't even cross your mind.

I wanted to kiss you so badly I bit my lip,
and asked you about her,
heard you talk all the way home,
and it was better than nothing at all.

how's the future holding up?

It's not uncertain now, I'm staying put, going to drive the same streets, arrive to the same office, classrooms and people. Not sure if this makes me happy or depressed, I'll find out on the way. Little surprises would be good, you know? Just for a change.

it makes me happy, most of the time.

still on my mind

Was he content with his life? Did he love his wife? Did he enjoy everytime she gave him news of being pregnant? Was he proud of his empire and what he accomplished? Did he play enough baseball? I recall he loved it. And lastly and painfully, was he ready to go?

October 5, 2013

let yourself

If you find yourself tripping then just let yourself fall.