December 31, 2015


This time I didn't write about my year way in advance like I did the one before,
2014 was so clearly great it was easy to set it in paper before it was done,
now I'm counting the days and hoping the last hours count,
it wasn't bad but the adventures tamed down,
I grew more serious and focused, 
got a side job which I love,
I'm healthy and at peace,
I'm in love.
I've got it all,
but it's not ever enough,
remember I laughed more than cried,
stood my ground and justice was made,
discovered new passions and tried it all out,
spent amazing days cooking the night away,
renewed myself by giving my hair to a great cause,
went to the happiest place on earth with longtime friends,
realized how fragile we all are and how to really trust once more,
organized, planned and failed but stood right back up ready for more.

2015 had it's peaks and it's lows but I wouldn't change it, for I am who I am due to the shake-up. 

the old and the new

It's coming to an end,
and everyone is making plans,
celebrating the year just past,
or perhaps celebrating the new start,
because in the end that's all we want,
new oportunities and to leave the slate blank,
to forgive ourselves for our mistakes,
to move on and forget,
to be ready for whatever life has in stock. 

the screwing you over

The bad ones will screw you over but good ones will do that too, and it hurts worse because you don't even see it coming.

the fortune cookie

The fortune cookie seemed to be right, things were falling into place and suddenly it felt like anything was possible, but it didn't last long. After a while, it crumbled and it was lost, and I didn't feel surprised and it didn't make me as sad as I thought it would, if it had happened a few years back it would've destroyed me, but not now.

oh these legs

Got them from my mother's family,
big and bulky,
always aware of this,
no mini dresses or shorts, 
those garments don't suit them.

Oh but they've taken me places,
from upper to lower Manhattan,
walked until I found my way back in Florence,
hiking on that trail until the bugs won,
wherever I set my mind, they don't give in.

Got them from my mother's family,
big, bulky and strong,
even when I'm not on the run.

the numbness

Perhaps it should've moved me,
it should've orchestrated the most beautiful symphony
but it didn't,
I didn't even flinch.

December 29, 2015

perfect matches

Always living parallel lives, in far away places, stuck in otherness that never seems to change, dreaming of the day you get to be together. Sometimes perfect matches, have the most imperfect timing, the stories are hardly or slowly completed.


December, I know now why she didn't want you,
you were always sweet to me but not to many others,
perhaps the make belive part was hard for them,
and suddenly all the bright lights are dim,
and all the "joy to the world" seems fake,
how do we keep it up when we live as we live,
when we see all that we see.

December, this time you crashed into us all,
no one was prepared,
and although you have your peaks, 
you have the lowest lows,
and I don't know if a happy new year will make it up.

the man who only loves himself

A few days before she was done, thought she'd seen the light. But then all he had to do was snap his fingers and she was back. She felt like it was love, no one agreed. And you think you have no right to have an opinion, you're not in it, you don't know, but you actually do, you see it much clearer than she does, more than she'll ever do. Then he leaves again, and she's always waiting, wanting to be loved by the man who only loves himself. 

December 28, 2015

the path you choose everday

It made it sound so unimportant and perhaps it was, but it was a choice, one I continue guessing if it was the right one, and they laugh it off and made it sound little, uneventful and interchangable but that was my life, it was going to continue to be my life, so instead of crumbling and falling to tears I decided to continue on the path for myself and not to make anyone else feel proud.

December 4, 2015

the sky and everything in it

You are my sky, 
full of constellations to discover,
particularly the shining star that guides me home.

never left

People that matter have a way of coming back to your life, regardless of time and distance. Those that marked their way never really leave. You never left all those years ago, I think I carried you in my heart all along.

the irrational fear and love

Sometimes I got irrationally scared, but it didn't take long to come back to my senses. And you, you understood my fears never meant I didn't love you enough.