December 31, 2015


This time I didn't write about my year way in advance like I did the one before,
2014 was so clearly great it was easy to set it in paper before it was done,
now I'm counting the days and hoping the last hours count,
it wasn't bad but the adventures tamed down,
I grew more serious and focused, 
got a side job which I love,
I'm healthy and at peace,
I'm in love.
I've got it all,
but it's not ever enough,
remember I laughed more than cried,
stood my ground and justice was made,
discovered new passions and tried it all out,
spent amazing days cooking the night away,
renewed myself by giving my hair to a great cause,
went to the happiest place on earth with longtime friends,
realized how fragile we all are and how to really trust once more,
organized, planned and failed but stood right back up ready for more.

2015 had it's peaks and it's lows but I wouldn't change it, for I am who I am due to the shake-up. 

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