August 24, 2014

take the night

Take the night as if it's the only one you'll get, 'cause maybe it will be that way. Maybe it'll be the beginning and the end. Enjoy the hell out of it, dance, set yourself free, let yourself feel whatever you want to feel. Take the night, but be open for continuation.

the sea

I'm so glad you found one another in this sea of unmatches.

August 23, 2014

the inhabitant

How nice to know humans as nice as you still inhabit the earth.

August 15, 2014

parting the way

Sometimes it doesn't flow,
don't know how to,
I'm a freaking rock parting the way,
how upsetting.

August 13, 2014

the kiss goodnight

"Would just one kiss suffice?" he asked. 
"No, no it wouldn't... Unless it's an endless kiss" she replied.

that kind of friend

He was the kind to make you hopeful,
to make you understand that it exists,
the one to meet your eyes and not look away,
to give hugs like he means it,
to ask how you are and really care,
to be interested in your stories,
the past and present,
fascinated by your dreams,
push you to be the best you can,
to believe in you and everything you do. 

the hateful one

She liked throwing rocks and venom in every possible way, because she didn't feel like she was living if someone wasn't cringing away. Hatefulness was better than nothing to her, it seemed. But you can't lead a life that way and expect the outcome to be good.

August 10, 2014

august again

Where did the summer go? It's august again, this time there's no new beginning, there's no one waiting, it's just me and the path I chose, and although I might be doubtful at times, it makes me happy to know where I belong, it does feel like home. 

August 8, 2014

maybe this time

Maybe this time I'll make it right, 
been distracted building walls.
I promise to tear them down,
let you see the cracks and soft spots.

Maybe this time fate will be on our side.

step away

Step away from those who try to transform you into a version of themselves and try not to do it yourself to others.  

August 5, 2014

in time

Let life take its course even if you don't agree with it. Let it give to others, watch their happiness and rejoice, for in some time life will reward you.