June 30, 2014

the genuine

You feel out of yourself,
but never more genuine that in that instant,
when you let go of the fear of being who you are,
and let yourself live the life you want,
even when it's not supposed to be right.

June 25, 2014

summer days

And it felt like the perfect day,
one I had been in need of,
sunshine and just a hint of rain,
my lifetime friends,
a cold pool that gets better once you dive in,
laughs that make you cry,
and cries that make you laugh,
made me remember when I was a child.

is it new?

Some days my heart feels heavy for no reason at all,
and I forget if this used to be my natural state,
or if it's entirely new.

once in a while

Every once in a while you'll encounter someone who has unkind things to say about you, even when they didn't even have the courtesy of getting to know you. It's not okay but it's also not completely avoidable, it's not your task to make yourself as they wish you were. Remember their words do not make you or break you.

June 17, 2014

the 500th: perfect and tragic

No one can love you the way you want them to love you,
they can only love you the way they know,
that's what you do too,
and it can be both perfect and tragic.

what remains

And I guess the question remains... can we really forgive if we can't forget?

June 11, 2014

the little birds

They observed from a tree branch as people walked by, fascinated with the act, it wasn't natural, they knew they were just faking and they wondered how long can someone keep up the act.

the adventurer

Just the thought of it made me happy, like maybe in another universe I'd be that girl.

temporary patch

No one can fix you darling,
that's only up to you,
everything or everyone else who tries,
is just a temporary patch.


Not that I wanted visibility, it was fine at the moment.
Just not sure for how long it's okay to be unseen.

June 8, 2014

good things happen to good people

He said that good things happen to good people in a speech, he repeated it so many times it made me wonder if he believed in it at all or maybe repetition was his way of convincing himself right then and there.

the lovely people you call friends

Wanted to run towards them and hug them until my arms had no strength, tell them thank you a million times, since they reminded me how good it feels to be yourself, the freedom of not being afraid. It was the best gift and I could never repay them.


The nights where I am out of words are the best, it meant I was calm and happy since I rarely know how to express those feelings.

It's all good, I'm speechless.

let's go some place new

I just want out,
want open roads,
new streets,
and new thoughts.

I want baggage,
and souvenirs
but most of all
I want memories to keep.

more than you know

Never wanted you to mourn for me,
I didn't want it to hurt,
so I'm glad you found someone.

I think you're lucky,
you always have been,
much more than you know.

June 1, 2014

in progress

We are always a work in progress,
there's no perfection,
no one who wants it anyway.

We are transforming,
hopefully for the better.

the time traveler

Jump from present to past to present to future and so on, in an endless loop. How do you enjoy the present when you reminisce about the past? How do you enjoy it when you worry about the future? The answer to both is, you don't. You don't enjoy the present at all, and then boom it's gone. And that's why so many moments of our life seem blurry, because we think and think about what we should've done or what consequences this thing now will have, but we don't stop and just look around. We are traveling to worlds that don't belong to us, the past is long gone, the future, we have no clue if we'll get. 

the land

Hold yourself back,
because you're a ticking bomb,
waiting to implode,
destroy everything around you,
and perhaps it'd do no harm,
the land is already dead. 

the brave and hopeful

The sweetest girl you'll ever find and still her heart gets broken and I don't blame them and I don't blame her either, heartbreak is more complicated than just pointing fingers. She manages to put herself back together, trust again and drown in love. She was always hopeful and I admired her.