July 28, 2014

my love for airports

Some going home,
some leaving home,
waiting to reunite,
or to say goodbye,
so many reasons to bring strangers together.

July 22, 2014

the city life

The city has the ability to be so quiet while being deafening loud.
On your own, unlimited anonymity, no one to care for yourself but you.

the scars love or lack of it left

She told her story without tears, 
a true warrior,
it made me sad,
and it made me angry,
that somebody decided it was okay to hurt her like that,
that such an action was even possible enraged me.

what a pair

He didn't know how to be alone,
I didn't know how to be with someone.

the scorpion

Forgives but never forgets,
can't be kept in a glass box,
has powers of her own,
calculates and plans,
and moves on.

July 4, 2014

still nice

You know they're empty words but still it's nice to hear them. 

the runner II

If anyone asks I'm not running away,
I've faced my truth,
every now and then I wonder,
if I bought the tickets on impulse,
I did, but I realize the city won't save me,
I'm the only problem and I take myself everywhere.

the runner

Never learned to be alone,
thrived on the concept of independence, 
but he couldn't stand still for a second and listen to himself,
it terrified him,
so he ran into the arms of someone who'd maybe help.

the blessed one

These days I'm so acutely aware of how blessed I am to have all these wonderful people in my life. Different little groups that bring joy, comfort and pure beauty into the world, they bring out the best in me, without a doubt good people lift you up.