November 25, 2014

make it perfect

Ever-changing life, nothing stays the same, this is where we're wrong, we want to fix our lives in order to add something or someone to it, but once you fix it, something breaks or it's just gone. There doesn't seem to be a perfect moment, not one that's thrown our way, we make it perfect by choosing to leap.

November 20, 2014

insignificant ventures

There are bigger things than you and I, it seems silly to be worried about such insignificant ventures. Don't get me wrong, you mean the world to me, but the actual world is crumbling and I'm not sure if weeping the night away is the way to spend it.

November 15, 2014

how you end up alone

This is how you end up alone,
taking them for granted,
building yourself a pedestal,
looking for flaws where there are none,
promising yourself so much more,
remembering your past,
never letting go,
closing your doors.

a brief moment

You could lose youself for a moment,
or spiral down infinitely,
you could find yourself in a spark,
or spend your entire life finding the way.

November 13, 2014

26 and counting

What a year,
hope I can always say I've learned between years,
not from books (that helps too),
but about myself,
who I am,
what I want to do in this lifetime,
I did good this time,
twenty-six and counting,
let's keep up the good work.

November 11, 2014

the rutine

Bottle yourself up in the rutine,
step by step just like the day before,
watch the calendar days, months and years go by,
stick to it,
it's safe and easy,
even when  frustrating.

November 10, 2014

the courage

Gathered up the courage, I wasn't going to let myself back down at the sight of discomfort. so humbly and in a fumbling manner I packaged some words that barely made sense and hoped for honesty and some peace of mind. If I can't get any of that, at least I have the satisfaction of sticking it out until the end. It'll have to be enough.