December 31, 2012

the end of 2012

Here we are once again, a lot has changed, don't you think? 

Last year it was raining, the weather is perfect now, at least for a couple more days. This past year I met wonderful people, missed home, came back, cried my eyes out, yelled and learned that it doesn't help. 

I have to keep in mind that everything's changed even if it seems the same.

December 25, 2012

i became you

Somewhere between the light of hope and 5 am I became you. I said the things you always used to say, agreed and responded just like you would. Found the thrill of making someone believe. Oh how juicy it is to inflate dreams, how comforting to know I won't follow through, just like you.

the questions you ask

It's not wrong that you think of me this way,
it's not the reason why I'm silent and absent,
it's just I've missed you all these days
and this is what you want to know, 
this is what's important to you,
it's disappointing.

she dreamt of flying away

She had trouble choosing paths, activities, friends and love, she wanted to be fair to all. She wasn't a bird, she had no wings or feathers but quite often she dreamt of opening her arms wide and flying away to find some place new and exciting. 

December 20, 2012

i'm a fluke

The way you think of me will never change. It's like a given thing, it doesn't matter that I do things to prove I'm different. You met me at my fluke, so fluke I'll be.

December 19, 2012

our belonging

I'll never get to hold you like you were mine.
You were mine, weren't you?
I was yours.
I'm sure.

December 16, 2012

it's a truce

I forgive you even though you're not sorry.

fire vs. romance

The fire kept winning over the romantic soul of yours,
it's uncontrollable,
it's nature you say.

You don't want help,
think you're fine,
but it's driving people mad,
specially me.

july by boy

Didn't want any of it and then I heard that song. I thought this is the song I'll dedicate to the future man of my life when I meet him and realize it's him. So here I am, thinking about my undiscovered soul mate and the things I want to say and ask and dedicate and how I'll explain this has to be our wedding song.

December 10, 2012

the girl i used to be

Back then I was wild,
adventurous and carefree.
If I let go of you,
it's as if I was letting go of her,
who I used to be,
but I can't let go, 
she left me already. 

December 5, 2012

you lost me

So you lost me a while back but you didn't even notice, like that toy you used to play with and then left behind. After a while you missed it and only then you realized it was gone, misplaced, abandoned, it was too late.

doubt conquers

Days pass by, doubt starts crawling back making for itself a cozy fort inside your mind. You can barely recall you once were certain, it seems natural and even understandable to let it settle.

November 28, 2012


You were that state.
Every city, every corner, you.
Only an hour or two away,  
hoping to see you again
but I never did and I never will. 

I loved the trees, the roads, 
the southern food, the y'alls,
but I won't go back.

That state is you.

damn the butterflies

Damn the things I feel when I see you smile at me.
Damn the butterflies living within me because of you.

November 25, 2012


Please don't build me up just to bring me down.
Please don't play with this heart that's known so much pain.
Please be honest, I can take it.
Please honey, please.

November 22, 2012

insignificant feelings

I was out of my mind, looking for you when you didn't want to be found.
This evil apparatus lets me know you've been around just not in the mood to shout out.
It's alright, it's not your fault, I get too excited about insignificant things and feelings.

November 20, 2012

we lost it

We lost it.
No longer we ask how we are waiting for an honest answer, a "fine" does it now. 
No longer we try to hide the spark in our eyes as we look at each other, there is no spark. 
No longer we complete each other sentences, we barely speak at all.
We lost it.

November 18, 2012

play with fire

If you know you'll get burned in the end, you might as well play with fire.

November 14, 2012

never yours

Never yours, 
always wild,
always free,
like the ocean breeze you can't deny me,
like the mockingbird singing,
always true,
always blue,
but never ever yours.

November 12, 2012

crooked paths

If it feels like it's the wrong thing to do, then it probably is. Never listened to my heart, because although I knew it was wrong I also wanted adventure, but at what cost? Someone once told me not to worry, crooked paths won't deny you from walking in a straight line.

write about love

I ought to write more about love. I tend to keep my hopeful feelings a secret because what a disgrace it would be for the world to know I have a heart and it beats for a special someone I have yet to meet.

the speech

It's as if every word she said was meant for me, they weren't. I was aware, but it was just as if.

November 7, 2012

november again

Waited patiently by the window but it didn't rain like they said it would. Never liked rain all that much, but these days it seems like it would be the perfect companion. I believe she understands pain, she causes it too sometimes, her fury destroys everything in the way, she shows no mercy. Oh, rain I waited for you and vengeful as you are you kept me waiting.

the misplaced one

Sometimes I'm an igloo in the desert,
at times polka dotted rain boots walking in the dry concrete,
the loudest laughter in dead silence,
the saddest cry while joyous times unveil.

November 4, 2012

just a muscle

He kept coming back for more but I had nothing to give. How well had I lied, how convincing had I seemed that he believed I had so much for him, it isn't true. My heart is dry and insincere, it isn't loving and naive, it isn't grateful or forgiving, it's just a muscle.

the lucky one

Look around, 
you have this,
you have them,
you are loved,
you're the lucky one.

October 31, 2012

the anniversary of letting go

No one ever congratulated me for letting go, but I started to a year ago today... I recall the day since for about a month I lost sight of colors, it was all blue, greyish at times.

October 28, 2012

on another note

If you ask me, I think you're both fools to have fallen in love.

On another note, I wish I was a fool.

October 27, 2012

the plans for the future

So I'll drink a cup of tea while the whirl of thoughts settles down, if they ever do I'll stand up and keep going.

on staying up

I was ready to go sleep, tired of a long day, reintroducing myself to the mathematical lingo I'd forgotten, but you asked me to stay for a little while and I did. I stayed up for you, and you know how much I love to sleep.

October 24, 2012

the moon and the stars

He promised the moon and the stars, an entire galaxy I'm sure...He was full of words, the right ones I mean, the ones that fit perfectly in your heart. But galaxies weren't his to promise away, still he did, it was easy. His heart was his but he never promised to give it away, I guess he knew he couldn't hold his end of the bargain.

the perfect wonderland

Gushing dark green trees,
white lilies and purple daze,
where the birds never tire of singing,
and they know the most fitting tunes,
where the sky is as blue as the room you grew up in,
and the clouds are scarce since the rain wouldn't dare spoil this,
in this perfect wonderland
we could question why our past was gray,
and forget, just forget.

October 22, 2012

matter that doesn't matter anymore

And then one day I forgot to call you, and one day became a week, and a month, and a year.  It didn't matter where you were or with whom, not anymore... It didn't matter that I cried so much that night I couldn't even walk, it didn't matter I wrote to you and about you, it didn't matter that my feelings lasted for years, it didn't matter that friends and family told me over and over you weren't right, it didn't matter that I never attended your birthdays and neither did you to mine, it didn't matter that our lives came together just for a little while. It didn't matter because it didn't hurt anymore,  it didn't bring joy either...

October 21, 2012

the weather was set

That night,
that betrayal,
those feelings that rose,
my face turning red with anger, 
the deception, 
the scar on my fist,
that first tear...

That night set the weather for my whole life.

October 12, 2012

here we go

Here we go again with the making distance and the I don't really care's, it's all pretend. Why can't we just face it? We do care, we like each other, it's freaking scary but it is how it is. I used to take pride on running away, now I wish you could understand it doesn't help, running away doesn't help.


There's a feeling in the air, it's full of hope and answers. 
October, I'm glad you're here.

October 7, 2012

the right amount of crazy

Those days where you drive me the right amount of crazy are the ones I enjoy the most. Maybe it had been a long time since we last met and the time bomb was clicking, maybe I've missed you, maybe it's just what happens when we're together, it doesn't really matter as long as it doesn't stop.

dig, dig, dig

I'm digging out the weed so the flowers will bloom,
once they're out, they'll bloom, they'll bloom...
And they will be wonderful, colorful, beautiful,
but mostly they'll be mine, all mine.

scary things

It's scary to try, but it's even scarier not to.

September 27, 2012

reflex love

That uncomfortable moment when you've moved on and I haven't... People ask if I'm doing alright in hopes of seeing me destroyed but I'm quite alright, I think. I often wonder if I ever loved you, maybe it was just reflex love, I loved you because you loved me, thinking about it makes me sad.

September 26, 2012

the cynic turned naive

I'm proud of being naive when it comes to love. I've been hurt over and over and although I might be a cynic 14 hours a day, the remaining hours I find myself believing. 

September 20, 2012

thoughts & stories

There are words I string together, 
thoughts that need to be typed out,
they cause such pain inside me, 
it needs to be let out.

There are stories I never tell, 
those that I drown in myself,
and hope never see the light. 

I've made mistakes,
and they're mine to keep. 
Don't think you have me all figured out.

September 19, 2012


Being brave is not to lack fear,
being brave is to endure,
to look at fear's eye and rise above. 


My heart didn't stop, it just shrunk, it wasn't what I expected to feel, but I guess fear is like that, unexpected.

September 12, 2012

the roots

The roots keep on feeding on the remaining water although it seems like a desert up here. The roots keep fighting. I wasn't aware the tree wanted to live.

now and then

It's how it was back then, 
it's how I was with you,
but it's not who I am,
and it's not who I will be...

September 11, 2012

stranger's advice

A stranger once gave me a message on a picture, sealed in an envelope, only to be opened on a special day and the day was today. It was poorly written but it was exactly what I needed to hear. 

Random anonymous messages tend to hit the spot better than those from people who know you the most.

September 9, 2012

this is my heart

This is my heart,
I show it to you, because I trust you.
Sorry it's not nice and it's wounded, 
I've tried my best to repair it.

This is my heart,
but it's also yours now, 
if you want it. 

September 6, 2012

will i?

And I wonder if I'll ever get to miss these streets again... Will I ever long to return here? Will I picture the mountains in my mind? Will I smile when someone complains about traffic knowing it doesn't compare? Will I ever get the chance to feel that? Will I ever get to miss home again?


What a shame it would be to spend this lifetime not understanding that we're powerful enough to change ourselves. It's a pity we roam the streets crying out our sorrows when we could avoid it all and all.

the breakup of nothing

Do we just walk away?
Do we talk it out? 
Do we have to explain? 

Things that never were
but are still present, 
relationships that never took flight,
and somehow are burning in the sky, 
you and I. 

September 4, 2012

the mundane

Never wrote about happiness, it seemed normal, mundane, perhaps this is why I'm never grateful for these days, but I should be, I really should... For I have fallen to the deepest abyss and rose, my spirit has been broken and stitched back together with hope, I have remained, I have survived, I put myself together with a smile and I rarely go back to those dark days where the sun made me blind.


Please try.
Please don't give up.

I have the feeling that if you believe in me I'll believe too.

Please don't give up on me.


I kept shaking through the days, literally shaking. I was nervous, what if it didn't end? Even worse, what if it did? It's still not simple, my mom said nothing ever is, I'll take her word on that. 

Decisions are knocking on my door.

I used to think my life defining moments were behind me, what a joke, they never end.

August 31, 2012

the late night conversation

He always talks to me when it's late at night
and the regular folks are sleeping tight, 
the small talk makes me mad,
but there's nowhere I can hide. 

I've been told to open up, 
so here I am,
but his words could be left unsaid
and I'd be alright.

the real problem

Problem is everyone talks about us, except us.

August 28, 2012

unknow me

Unknow me,
forget my face, my voice,
my quirks, my flaws.
Forget my skin, my touch,
how we met and our storms.

Forget it all.

Unlove me,
but it do it real slow.
‘Cause my heart can’t take the plunge.

August 26, 2012

just a dream

Opened my eyes,
and it was all a dream.

I never met you, 
I never loved you,
I never left you.

the way

Can I please wake up with an answer? 
Can I please get a beam of light showing me the way?
Please God, let me know.

August 21, 2012

the city adjustment

These streets used to see so much,
now it’s all gone.
Oh, how things have changed.

We used to walk in the parks,
used to smile,
used to meet random strangers.
used to feel safe.

Now we’ve changed,
we are cautious,
we are protective,
we are afraid.

Makes me sound old,
and it’s only my 23rd round around the sun.

the internet lover

I don't want to love a stranger.
I want someone who gets to hold my hand.

I don't want to be a click away from goodbye.

August 18, 2012

not coming back

"I have this feeling that I'm not coming back."
"But you’re only leaving for a week", he said.
"I know, but I'll be different."

After our talk things were never the same... I was glad.

August 16, 2012

happy birthday heart breaker

You were born on a day like this 25 years ago, your mama had waited so patiently for a perfect little boy, an innocent new baby boy. I wonder what you went through all these years that made you the man you are now, what made you the man I met? 

Was your heart always tainted or was it just me that ignited the hate spark?
Was is it nature or choice that made you treat me like you did?
Choice or not, it doesn't really matter, what's done is done. 

Happy birthday heart breaker, 
may this new year be bright,
I hold no grudges, 
I'll leave it all behind,
so you can have a fresh new start.

Cry birthday boy,
like the new born baby
who just discovered life. 

August 14, 2012


It was yes
and it was no,
and I wanted it all,
so I beat myself up.

Breathe in,
breathe out,
take control.

Just can't let go,
let me once more,
once and it'll be enough.

Instant satisfaction,
nerves are calm,
then I remember
I said it'd be my last.

Breathe in,
breathe out,
take control.

August 10, 2012

the separation

As I separate from you I separate from feelings. It's lovely to be free.

August 8, 2012


There's only you and me and the stars if they dare make a sound.

August 6, 2012


Hot as ever, walking underneath the rich and shiny sun, making my way back to the routine. These days driving feels off, I guess I became unaccustomed,  singing loudly without people listening remains a relief. I still believe other drivers think I'm just talking to myself and it's fine, I do that too.

The new month caught me off guard in between realizing I love you and trying to calm myself down. It's more than mid-year and everything seems the same, it worries me.

August 5, 2012

the people who vanish

People always leave,
I was always left,
and perhaps that's why I lost my confidence,
because how do you trust yourself,
when someone decides you're not enough to stay.

August 3, 2012

all you need is...

It's often said that all you need is love, but quite frankly I think all you need is hope. 
If you have hope you'll keep going.

August 2, 2012

our mountains

We shared our mountains, 
like they meant something about us. 
Your home, 
my home.  
Yours were frozen, 
mine were round,
both were mighty 
and made a stand,
but mountains cannot move, 
so they'll never meet. 

Such a shame, 
it made me cry.

July 31, 2012

damn the rules

I was upset because what she said was true. 
"He won't love you if you keep doing what you do." 
Damn the dating rules.

things to pray for

I need you to stop praying for me to find him, because it might not happen and I'd hate to be a disappointment. I need you to start praying for me to be happy and to get whatever is good for me, whatever that might be.

July 26, 2012

the controler in me

She's fearless,
and she wants it all. 
She doesn't let me stop.
She's not nice,
and she's not kind. 
She's stubborn and 
And she lives within me.

I can't seem to quiet her down.

the blind believer

Perhaps he'd come back if I just changed.

July 23, 2012

things to make you laugh

"I have a growing queue of things I know will make you laugh and I don’t know where to put them."
- Jon Sands

what you have III

You have a smile that kills all the doubt in me, but you barely use it anymore...

July 19, 2012

the difference between us

I was just a breath of fresh air,
you were my oxygen,
that's the difference.

the reasons for goodbye

Don't worry it's not you,
it's me and my ways.
Don't worry it's not you,
it's me and my regrets.

the twisted mind

Perhaps he didn't lie, it was all in my mind.

July 16, 2012

the influence of you

You saw tears pouring down,
and couldn't believe,
the influence you had 
on another human being.

You saw me broken down,
and it made you feel powerful.

It made me feel weak.

July 10, 2012

what you have II

You have eyes that shine, but they don't shine for me.

if it is you (the 300th)

I get random messages now, sometimes I think it's you looking around for words that I cannot say when we're together, sometimes I think it's simply a stranger that gets me.

If it is you I want you to know that sometimes I force myself to stop thinking about you. If you are a stranger, then thank you for coming around.

July 9, 2012

the amount of meaning

You'd think something like this would mean nothing to me or to anyone, but it means a lot. 

July 6, 2012

what you have I

You have lips that I don't get to kiss, but I still call mine.

July 5, 2012

the butterfly

The butterfly never learned to fly, but she was beautiful. Oh, so beautiful.

the trade

Traded a lifetime for a moment of joy, and it went so fast.

I have nothing now.

Just regrets.

July 4, 2012

magical ashes

And I went through fire, because out of ashes, broken wings mend and fly,

so I've heard,

or hoped.

the optimist

Perhaps he meant well and I just read him wrong.

July 1, 2012

change in pace

Don’t know why I ran when all I ever really wanted was to walk slowly with you.

June 26, 2012

the fool

I asked him and I believed him when he said what he said. I’m always the fool. 

I’m always fooled. 

What else would anyone do with a fool?

June 24, 2012

the specimens

And then people ask me why I don’t trust men, I’d say take a look at the list of specimens I’ve encountered.

June 21, 2012

just looking

I'm just looking for someone to prove me wrong.
I'm just looking for someone to break the pattern.
I'm just looking for someone to be the exception.
But it's not you.
And it wasn't him.

I'll keep looking.

June 19, 2012

the pretty words

You don't know but it's your pretty words and the pet names that push me away.
I can't do that.
You should know by now.

what the nordic wind said

She was even more scared than you of making things real, of following through, but she hid it very well. If there's anything you have to thank her for it's that, she taught you to hide in plain sight.

June 12, 2012

the void

It was summer (June) and I felt empty again. I wasn't sad, there was just something missing or a lot missing, can't really tell the size of the void. 

I'm sure your love wouldn't fill it. That, I know. 

It's like a missing passion, like a steady volcano that once erupted and now keeps still, it's like an un-blown hornet laying on the floor gathering dust. 

Just useless space that once was used.

June 10, 2012

almost the same

Everything is exactly the same,
except you're not here,
and I don't get to hold your hand.

the clue

Perhaps he didn't love her anymore and I was the first clue.

May 30, 2012

the end of the disastrous

You were my own personal catastrophe, I met you and with time all I knew dived into a black hole, never to be found again. Disaster can be exciting sometimes when everything in life is plain, but life is ever-changing and disaster can after all be dull. 

One day, not too far ago, I had a lot going on for me, except for you. I was tired of the same excuses, so I let you know that I was letting go, and I did.

It was the end of the disastrous, it was the end of a lot of things.

May 21, 2012

real or not real

“You love me. Real or not real?" I tell him, "Real.”
- Suzanne Collins (Mockingjay)

May 18, 2012

i love you

The first time I heard those words they were a lie.
I guess the phrase got drained of meaning forever.

May 16, 2012

i was his past

He was a different person, you could see from the way he walked and looked at me.
He left with her, and it was fine.
I was his past.

come back

Come back when you can,
I'll be waiting forever with a tear in my eye,
always with a sad tune at heart.
Come back when you can,
we'll pick up where we left behind,
this time we won't let each other down.

Come back and we'll surely make it right.

May 8, 2012

that's not me

I was truly sorry for leaving, so I went and said I'm sorry, hoping to not let him with loose ends like I'd been left before. I don't want to be like them, I don't want to be a dream crasher, I don't want to be an emotion stabber. That's not me.

May 4, 2012

the cliches

What to say when the cliches become true,
when it's really me and not you,
when we really need to talk,
when moving forward would harm us,
when there's something else I need to focus on.

What to say when it all seems overplayed,
words seem to be displaced,
words become a waste.

May 1, 2012


He talked about evolution and I just wondered did we really evolve? To me it seemed all the same, we we're making the same mistakes.

the normalcy of you

You became normal, a part of me, of my life. I took you for granted, thought you'd always be around. When you left I pretended to be fine, but truth is a piece of me started to die.

April 23, 2012

the overlooked truth

I hated him for not changing, overlooking the fact that neither had I.

April 21, 2012

fact #17

I would've been yours completely if you only had wanted it that way.

hurtful words

Whoever denies the power of words is a fool.
Words can stab you in the heart and leave you there to bleed.

April 15, 2012

the chain of harm

I wasn't better than him, what he did to me I did to someone else, eventually the guy I hurt will do it to some other girl. It's just a never ending chain of emotional harm.

April 14, 2012

home sweet home

No place like home, that's what they say, sometimes home is a place you make your own, sometimes a home growns on you, sometimes home simply isn't a place.

April 8, 2012

I'm ready, are you?

I'm ready to jump,
to take a leap,
to not look down,
and trust I'll land on solid ground.

Are you?

April 4, 2012

the lost and found

You lost yourself,
so I wanted to get lost too.

Maybe by being lost,
we'll be able to find each other,

April 3, 2012

God knows why

I fell for you,
the long lost stranger.
God knows why,
if I fought the feeling
with all of my heart.

I guess some things you can't control,
like the sun coming out
or the ocean tides.

April 1, 2012

i do

I miss you all the time.
I hate it when you're gone.
I want to know you're doing fine.
I want you to know I miss calling you mine.

For a moment I questioned missing you, now I know it's real.

March 31, 2012

the goodbye letter

I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye, I couldn't bring myself to explain why I had to go, even when I promised I would let you know if I ever planned on leaving. Days ago my mom caught me crying, I had been so careful before and this time she saw and said she wouldn't leave until I told her what was happening, so I broke down and told her.

It's selfish to leave now that you opened up to me, but it's been a while since I thought about what's good for me. You're not good for me, as much as I wan't to be your friend, I can't. I wish you only the best, because you're amazing, you made me feel again when I thought I was empty and I'm sure you'll find your way.

Believe me when I say I'll miss you so much.
I'll hold you in my heart forever.

the word-less boy

He could speak
but he never wanted to.
He could be heard
but never wanted to be heard.
He could yell
but he didn't want to make a scene.
At nineteen the boy is word-less,
the boy is mute, 
the boy has frozen
and there's nothing anyone can do.


It's cold and it's late,
and I want you to stay,
here with me.

March 28, 2012

do i?

I know I said I missed you, but do I? Or did I say it just because you did. Did I say it because it's nice to have someone miss you? Did I maybe say it because I want you to be there missing me again next time I'm away?

March 20, 2012

even if you win the marathon

It doesn't matter how fast you run, you can't outrun your feelings.

the problem with me

The problem is there is no problem but I keep looking for it.

March 19, 2012

bad timing

I looked for you everywhere,
but I never found you,
and I got tired of waiting.

I'm sorry I gave up while you were on your way.

March 17, 2012

empty missing

He missed me,
and I missed him,
but that meant nothing.

the mountains

In times of trouble look at the mountains, they've been here long enough, they probably have some answers.

March 14, 2012

the pay

It pays off to breathe just to breathe you in.

March 12, 2012

i got the news

I just got the news, 
you didn't make it.
I hadn't seen you in a long time
but I'll always remember your smile 
and the kind words you always had in hand.

My family saw you last week, 
you sent greetings to me
and you were doing just fine.
I guess that was our goodbye.

March 10, 2012

call it what you want

Call it what you want but what we have is not simply a friendship.

two sided sword

It's on again. 
He thinks he'll win me over. 

Don't you know because of you I learned not to trust?
Don't you know you were once my doom and now my savior?

how it is

He asked for reasons and I didn't have answers he'd like to hear.

February 27, 2012

the promises i can't keep

I can't promise forever,
I can't even promise two hours from now,
but if you give me your heart,
I swear I will try,
to care for it,
and never leave you behind.

February 23, 2012

another thursday

I burned my eyelashes reading
in the hopes of meeting you today
and you simply went away.

I scarred my feet rushing
in the hopes of running into you
and you simply looked away.

February 22, 2012

free pass

She gave me a pass to the other side, I said no, good girls never try.

February 21, 2012

no words

Feeling close despite the distance.
Let me see you again,
and here I am,
cam on.
I look at you,
and just smile.
No words.

February 20, 2012

the things that i meant

"A heart was meant to beat. And air was meant to be breathed, close to your ear. And your skin was meant to remember what mine felt like. And some songs were meant to play on repeat. And the sun was meant to come down. And we were meant to ignore it when it woke up. And days were meant to pass. And nights were meant to follow. And your eyes were meant to cry out whatever pain was left."
 -I wrote this for you (


I'm leaving you, 
going to brighter lands,
please be nice 
to the loved ones I left behind.

February 18, 2012

i'll never leave you

You kept crying, explaining how people always leave you and I sat there and held your hand all along.

February 14, 2012

the romantic in me

Sometimes I let her out for minutes, hours, even days at a time, then she finds a bump in the road, falls, scratches her knee and I lock her again where she's safe.

February 11, 2012

death by song

There's a melody that kills me every time. I click play and let myself die once again, 3 minutes at a time.

February 8, 2012

the danger of believing

Your words entangled me and I wanted to believe in anything just to hold on to something, that's how I ended up losing what I can never get back.

the exception

You are not the kind to break promises but with me you always did. I noticed.

the freedom I lost

I will never be free, 
they will make sure of that.

I will always be caged by them.
They will always cut my wings.

February 4, 2012

give it time

It (love) will come when it needs to, if it needs to... if not I'll be fine just waiting.

February 1, 2012

just right

To loving until it hurts, 
to daydreaming,
to walking on clouds, 
to never leaving your side,
February will be just right.

January 31, 2012

breath-less breathing

I was glad you left, I learned that even when people who take your breath away leave you are able to breathe.

January 22, 2012

holding hands

I learned that holding hands was more personal and beautiful to me than anything else.

the glass slippers

I'll admit it... I wanted your life, somehow it seemed exciting, but it wasn't. We were almost the same, difference was you got to wear glass slippers along the way.

January 16, 2012

but I do

I don't want to be scared to call, 
I don't want to be unsure of writing you a letter, 
I don't want to doubt your feelings,
but I do.

I do all the time.

January 11, 2012

our fears

You fear that we won't work out and I fear that we will. 
Real emotions are tough.

January 10, 2012

sneaky little you

All of a sudden you're bursting with words,
you speak up because she's not around,
I know.

Sneaky little you,
think you have her fooled,
think you've won me over.

Oh!, wish I could see your face,
when you figure out,
you got it all wrong.

January 7, 2012

the new year

Halfway masters,
raising glasses,
pizza slices,
passport in hand.
Welcome a new year,
so many adventures to start.