May 1, 2012

the normalcy of you

You became normal, a part of me, of my life. I took you for granted, thought you'd always be around. When you left I pretended to be fine, but truth is a piece of me started to die.


  1. A wise man once said "what the caterpillar calls death, the wise man calls a butterfly" (no, twasn't me that said it :-))
    A part of you hasnt died; youre just too close to see the change, that's all.
    Already that part of you is reborn.
    You know it if you look. Really look.
    You are wonderful because your poetry is wonderful.
    On second thoughts, stop looking. Just be.
    And the rebirths will continue...

  2. That looks like a poem.
    It wasnt supposed to be.
    See how things appear to be what they are not?
    Just be.