December 31, 2014


Perhaps this will be the most cliché  post to ever exist,
but 2014 was possibly the best year of my life so far,
and I like to think I'll top it off next year and so on and on until life permits,
it started out as any other, filled with family and memories,
I had love and balance, 
what a better way to begin?

It was a year of learning,
found myself by letting go,
it was fresh and new,
system reboot.
And I discovered I liked the default settings,
never forced it, just went with it,
took me to new hobbies, adventures and ventures,
even jumped the pool,
said goodbye to my desk and hello to the library,
was finally aware.

When you think you've got it together,
there's another curveball,
it was never safe to begin with,
but I believed it was. 

2014 rocked my world in ways I never knew I could be rocked.

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