December 31, 2013


It started out hopeful but full of doubt,
weeks went by waiting for results that took too long,
once in my hands they weren't good,
with each letter heartbreak, 
with each heartbreak I sank.

When plans fall flat you get to re-evaluate, 
now you either face the fear or freeze.
So you face the fear,
and it's not as scary as you painted it,
soon you learn to live with it,
soon you learn to appreciate it,
and mostly learn from it.

Now I roam the city with new found streght,
and driving the old streets seems fresh,
enjoy the summer breeze,
and the activities I didn't have since I was eight,
he holds my hand now,
and I start to notice how life blooms when you're happy.

If I learnt something this year, it's to not let failure get to your heart. Despite the negative you're still you, every storm passes and if you're really lucky you can find someone to sail the rough waters with. 

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