February 26, 2013

you were right

I didn't know you, you were right.
It wasn't up until the moment of goodbye
that I realized how much I shared of myself 
and how you always listened but never shared back.

I don't know how you treat your mom,
what you like for breakfast on a sunday morning, 
how do you cope with a storm,
your favorite color or song. 

I don't know what side of bed you like, 
your favorite snack, 
your most comfortable pants,
the recurring nightmares you had,
or even who broke your heart.

I know what you do,
although I don't understand,
I know where you live,
and that sideways smile.
I know you take the bus,
and you stay up late most of the time.

The things that I know are merely facts,
I don't know you,
you were right.

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